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Community Rules

Post by Roxy on Sun Oct 11, 2015 11:16 am

Despite the fact that I have high hopes that we turn out to be the most respectful role play community, I still feel the need to keep a few rules in place for those who join, most of the people that Robert and I have brought to the community are already quite respectful however, to avoid being on my bad side and banned, please refer to the rules below.

1.) No Cyber sex, the act of role playing sexual acts during the role play. However, if you feel you must role play said actions please take it to private messages with your role play partner.

2.) This forum is a safe zone for all LGBTQ role players, we fully support them and any negativity shown will be met with a ban.

3.) Swearing is allowed but please make it minimum, were role playing not writing rap singles.

4.) Please have common courtesy for everyone and their characters, most people make characters as an extended version of them.

5.) Do NOT post Pornographic images or videos ANYWHERE in this forum.

These rules are subject to change, if they are you will be informed however these base rules must be followed, I'd like to save drama for the role play ^^
- Roxy

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